The standoff between Christianity and Islam in European countries is becoming more and more dangerous each year. According to some experts, today the European community is facing a harsh choice: if the islamization of Europe continues, one might soon have to say good-bye to Christianity in the countries of the Old World.

For a number of years on the eve of Christmas various European countries are shaken by scandals. In an increasing number of states the authorities refuse to put up in public places that integral attribute of the holiday, a Christmas tree, decorated with a nativity scene. The politicians explain their actions by their fear to insult the religious feelings of those who don't believe in the Biblical stories. The demand to take off the Christian attributes primarily comes from Muslim communities, which are more and more aggressively trying to impose on the West their moral and religious values and view of the world.

Back in 2005 the Russian writer and journalist Elena Chudinova published her anti-utopian novel called "The Mosque of Notre Dame: 2048". Back then that warning book appeared to most Western politicians to be an impossible fable. But today it has become clear that the present standoff between Christianity and Islam in European countries is caused by nothing other than the crash of the ideology of tolerance and multiculturalism, Elena Chudinova thinks.

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