The Holocaust did not happen in a vacuum. Germans and world leaders turned blind eyes to the growing anti-Semitism in Germany while Adolf Hitler incrementally executed his evil agenda. Despite annual reminders to "Never forget," schools across the United States, and specifically in the state of Tennessee, are once again oblivious to the anti-Semitic rhetoric that has infiltrated our schools. What's happening in Tennessee, is an unfortunate forecast barometer of an agenda that's on the rise nationally.

One such community is Williamson County, Tenn., which sits in the "belt buckle" of the Bible Belt and is one of the 10 most influential conservative counties in the country. One must ask: How could this have happened in a region of the United States that is heavily populated by evangelical Christians, including Christian educators?

In November 2012, a Williamson County parent was concerned over the content in her son's textbook for his AP Human Geography class.The passage in question is taken from "The Cultural Landscape Curriculum – An Introduction to Human Geography," under the title, "Why Has Terrorism Increased?"

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