Re: Dawud Walid's August 13 blog post, "Freedom of speech does not mean accepting voices of incivility": Earlier this month, at Eastern Michigan University, I debated two Muslim spokesmen. Dawud Walid of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) was so threatened by my presence that he wrote on The Detroit News' Politics Blog, criticizing event organizers for giving me a "dignified platform."

Why is CAIR so afraid that I might be heard?

Walid accuses me of fomenting "ethnic and religious intolerance." But he doesn't offer a single example of my supposed "bigotry" and "hate speech." He doesn't because he can't: I don't engage in any "hate speech" or "ethnic and religious intolerance." Actually, I speak and act in defense of the freedom of speech, the freedom of conscience and the principle of equality of rights of all people before the law.

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