When I was on a business trip in Germany, I met a Muslim lady who had just finished her Masters in sociology. She told me about the difficulties - in particular, discrimination - she and other Muslim women who wear the hijab are currently facing when trying to find a job.Sadly, her situation echoes the stories of many in Europe, and this was quite a shock for me.

After doing my research, it turns out that the continuing stereotypes of Muslim women as oppressed, uneducated and passive still persists, unfortunately. This can sound like a stereotype in itself, but it's a reality that I've seen and observed that, in Europe, Muslim women - especially those who wear the hijab - do not generally hold positions that deal with the public. Despite their education, many Muslim women in Europe work behind closed doors.

This means that their chances in the job market are restricted. They are only allowed access to certain fields and this underestimates their potential.

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