David Horowitz's 1989 essay "Carl Bernstein's Communist Problem & Mine," which was reprinted at Front Page recently, not only makes points about the true nature of the Communist faith that are vital to remember.  The essay also, by extension, underscores important truths about the nature of all totalitarian faiths – including Islam.

In the essay, Horowitz wrote about his upbringing in "a colony of Jewish Communists" in an otherwise ordinary Queens neighborhood.  These Communists, he explained, "lived two lives."  They postured as law-abiding middle-class liberals, but were really secret agents taking orders from Moscow.  What brought meaning to their lives was the hope and belief that someday they would be called upon by the Party to "go underground" and "take the lead in the revolutionary struggle" to overthrow American democracy.

Horowitz knows about this colony because he grew up in it.  But you could've lived amidst these families for decades and not known.  You could've thought of them as your best friends.

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