Through his painstaking research and keen insights, Walid Shoebat recently discovered, and explained the significance of, a monumentally important document titled The Efforts of the Servant of the Two Holy Places to Support the Muslim Minorities. Commissioned by the late Saudi King Abdul Aziz, this "conspiratorial manifesto," as Shoebat calls it, lays out, in vivid detail, the "Muslim Minority Affairs" strategy by which Islamic supremacists seek to spread, in an incremental but relentless manner, elements of Sharia Law into non-Muslim countries. In a nutshell, the strategy entails the establishment of Islamic organizations that promote Sharia as a divinely inspired system while working to prevent Muslims from assimilating into the non-Islamic cultures of their host nations. The ultimate goal is to cultivate an ever-growing, disaffected, unassimilated Muslim population that can help transform the laws, institutions, and public policies of those countries over the course of time. The manifesto unearthed by Walid Shoebat specifically identifies the Islamic organizations that have been designated to carry out this "Muslim Minority Affairs" plan in America.
Key among these is the Muslim Students Association (MSA).

The MSA was established 49 years ago by members of the Muslim Brotherhood, which, as the spearhead of the global jihad, wholly embraces the transformational "Muslim Minority Affairs" agenda for North America. The most influential Islamic student organization on the continent, the MSA today is "dominated," as the Center for Security Policy's Alex Alexiev states, "by Islamist and anti-American" goals.

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