The mainstream media resoundingly lost the debate about the Ground Zero Mosque in real life, and the thing still has not been built -- so they've taken to fiction to rig the results so that this time they win. This clip from HBO's The Newsroom features "Phyllis Greer," an opponent of the Ground Zero Mosque who is so closely patterned after Pamela Geller (without the charisma) that her opening words in this clip are exact quotes from Geller -- about how it is an Islamic pattern to build triumphal mosques "on the cherished sites of conquered lands."

Jeff Daniels, playing a reporter, shreds "Phyllis Greer" in this clip in a way that no reporter ever bested Geller, mainly by pointing up instances of "Christian terrorism" -- ignoring, of course, that no sect of Christianity teaches that believers should make war against unbelievers, while every sect (and school of jurisprudence) of Islam does teach this. And there is nothing here, of course, about how the thing really was a mosque, not just a "Community Center," since it would contain a "worship space" for Muslims only, and that it was at Ground Zero, since it was to be built on the site of a building that was severely damaged in the 9/11 attacks.

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