Malmø in Sweden is famous for its many Muslims, killings and bombs (at least 22 bombs in the last three years). Malmø has become a Scandinavian Baghdad, and an expanding, uncontrollable and violent Sharia zone.

In the "youth neighbourhood" (Muslim ghetto) Sevedkvarteret, Seved Quarter, being a postman is now too dangerous. Being a non-Islamic authority and wearing symbols (signs, uniform) representing other non-Islamic authorities is dangerous in such places. Being a postman in Sevedkvarteret is now a "Muslim-only" job: "Crime stops postmen in Malmo area," translated from Politiken, January 16:

Threats and violence have now forced the Swedish postal service to give up delivering letters in a part of Malmø.

Postmen simply stay away from Sevedkvarteret (Seved Quarter). Instead, local residents in the area are hired to ensure that letters and packages reach the recipients.

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