On October 7, mosques in Southern California scheduled an Open Mosque Day where non-Muslims could tour the mosques and talk with Muslims who attended the mosque.  We assembled a team (that will remain anonymous for obvious reasons) to obtain first-hand reports at four mosques.  One of the objectives of the mosque visits was to confirm the conclusions of a 2011 survey of 100 mosques published in the Middle East Quarterly that 81 percent of U.S. mosques display moderately violent to highly violent literature and that their practices showed strong compliance with Sharia Law. The reports below, therefore, address the evidence of rigorous enforcement of Sharia Law as well as other observations of interest to those who have wondered what actually goes on inside the mosques.   What stands out is the stark contrast between the "look and feel" of a mosque as compared with an American church or synagogue.

Mosque: King Fahd Mosque, Culver City.

Sharia-compliant behavior:

* Segregation of women in prayer.
* Some men with beards.
* Most women in hijabs/scarves.
* Markers in carpet for prayer lines.
* Some attendees bearded with head covering and wearing traditional garb.

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