All the pundits whose credibility was on the line for their uncritical hailing of the "Arab Spring" uprisings can breathe a sigh of relief: Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood President Mohammed Morsi has, according to Fox News, "agreed to rescind the near-absolute power he had granted himself." Well, that's a relief! Democracy in Egypt is saved! The "Arab Spring" really was about democracy and pluralism after all, and this proves it! All is well! Isn't it?

Actually, no. As everyone knows except Barack Obama's Director of National Intelligence, James "Clueless" Clapper, The Muslim Brotherhood is dedicated to imposing the rule of Islamic law in Egypt and around the world. And as is evidenced by the fact that the two foremost Sharia states in the world today, Saudi Arabia and Iran, are both authoritarian regimes with dismal human rights records, Sharia is much more compatible with dictatorship than it is with republican, representative government.

That makes it likely that while Morsi has had to retreat for the moment, he has not given up his goal or changed his overall objective: to turn Egypt into a Sharia state in which one is not free to do anything but serve Allah.

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