Last week I travelled to Chapel Hill North Carolina at the invitation of Christians United for Israel and the Committee for a Better Carolina, a conservative student group whose leaders are not Jewish. I mention this otherwise irrelevant fact because they asked me specifically to speak about the war against Israel in the Middle East and when I asked their leader Brandon Hartness why, he said to me, "because there is no one making a strong argument for Israel on this campus."

As on most campuses, there is a large and active campus Jewish group at Chapel Hill, namely Hillel. But UNC Hillel was not about to invite me or to sponsor this speech. In fact UNC Hillel had attacked me last spring when these same students, again led by Brandon Hartness, put up my "Wall of Lies" – a banner created by my Freedom Center to refute the genocidal lies that make up the Palestinian case against Israel. The most fundamental of these lies is that Israel "occupies" Arab land and that this occupation is the source of the conflict.

This lie effectively delegitimizes the Jewish state and underpins the claim that Palestine extends "from the river to the sea" – obliterating Israel all together. Members of the Muslim Students Association and Students for Justice in Palestine chant on campuses across the country: "From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free." The Jordan River is Israel's eastern border, the Mediterranean Sea is its border to the west. In other words, Palestine is Israel, and therefore Israel must be obliterated.

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