Islamist organizations sprang into action when they thought Shaima Alawadi was the victim of a hate crime, brutally bludgeoned in her El Cajon, Calif. home March 21. They linked the case to the shooting death of Trayvon Martin in Florida, saying he was considered suspicious for wearing a hoodie and she was targeted for her hijab.

Islamist groups and their spokesmen blasted what they saw as anti-Muslim rhetoric fueling the hate leading to the attack. A Facebook page was created calling for "a Million Hijab March" to protest "a world so full of hatred that a woman wearing a head scarf is afraid for her life."

Subsequent disclosures now cast that conclusion in doubt. They show that police suspect Alawadi's murder may have been a vicious act of domestic violence, and that the hate crime clues were an attempt to deflect investigators' attention.

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