With health issues such as diabetes, blood pressure control and cholesterol on the rise in the U.S., a few initiatives focusing on alerting the Arab American community have been set in place this year. The main focus of these initiatives is preventive healthcare, with the idea of alerting and educating locals on how they can properly take care of their health before they end up with life long problems.

At the Super Greenland Market located on Warren Ave. and Miller Rd. in Dearborn, a new section inside of the supermarket called Greenland Wellness has been started by Zeina Alawieh, a Medical Specialist, who co-founded a new company called Rxtra Solutions, along with her brother Dr. Sam Alawieh.  Through a leased space inside of the supermarket,  the Alawieh's sells exclusive heath products geared towards the Arab American community. Among these products is a brand called Saha MD, which includes vitamins for blood sugar, cholesterol level, high blood pressure, diabetes and healthier bones.

Shoppers at Greenland are able to get a quick 411 on these serious health issues with the help and guidance of the Alawieh's. They can pick up informational pamphlets to take home with them and be put on a health plan depending on the individual's situation.

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