German Interior Minister Hans-Peter Friedrich wants to use fake missing person notices to campaign against the radicalization of young immigrants. Turkish community organizations have criticized the posters.

"Missing" - the word is written in large font above a portrait of a young man with dark hair. Beneath the headline it reads: "This is our son Ahmad. We miss him, because we don't recognize him anymore. He is withdrawing more and more, becoming more radical every day. We are afraid of losing him altogether - to religious fanatics and terrorist groups." Then there is the appeal to call the "Radicalization Advice Center."

This advice center was founded at the start of 2012 and is part of the initiative "Security Partnership - working together with Muslims for security," started by German Interior Minister Hans-Peter Friedrich "to counter the Islamist radicalization of young people." His ministry also started the ad campaign to promote the center's work.

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