Muhammed hated dogs (and people who didn't believe in him and his god), and so do Muslims. A Muslim politician in The Hague is now working to forbid dogs in the city, thereby forcing all citizens to abide by the Sharia laws concerning dogs. In the UK it is apparently happens regularly that Muslim taxi drivers reject blind costumers if they bring their guide dog. There are apparently 'several examples' of dogs being kidnapped in the Muslim ghetto Gellerup Park. Then they kill them outright or tie them to something and leave them in the freezing cold to die. Translated from the Danish in BT, February 5: "Freezing kidnapped Shepherd back in good shape":

The 14-month-old Shepherd Aico, who yesterday was abducted from a dog hook in front of a 7-Eleven store in Aarhus, has been found. It was a 13-year-old boy named Khaled who found Aico whimpering and freezing in an upturn in Gellerup Park west of Aarhus, says the dog's owner, Michael Green.

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