I have reported about the Muslim ghetto Vollsmose several times: Denmark: No comprehensive car insurance in Muslim area -- too many burned cars; Denmark: More Muslim violence against non-Muslims; Danish police: Immigrant criminals target Danes to make them move out of the (Muslim) area; and Denmark: Iranian-born leader of small Christian church attacked for displaying cross.

The Danish newspaper BT has scrutinized the budget for integration in Vollsmose. Since 2008, 58,482,279 kr. (10.3 million USD / 7,9 million Euros) has been spent on the following. Translated from BT, February 5, 2012: "Vollsmose gilded with millions of kroner. - But the problems continue...":

Free buses and concerts - 2,844,402 kr. (500,000 USD) An extra pool of money was created to support new ideas. The funds has been spent on free bus service in the area, job counseling, a choir, celebrations and concerts.

Coaching - 280,250 kr (50,000 USD)
The so-called ABCD project seeks to get residents to become aware of their own qualifications, a kind of coaching.

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