In 2006, when politicians at the highest level of the Norwegian government bullied a newspaper publisher into publicly apologizing to a roomful of imams for having reprinted the Danish Muhammed cartoons, I hoped never to witness a more shameful spectacle of official dhimmitude in Norway.   That this was a vain hope was confirmed by the obscene orgy of multicultural cringing that followed the atrocities of July 22 of last year, when Norway's prime minister and crown prince found it necessary to visit mosques and fall all over themselves singing Islam's praises.  Even that disgraceful spectacle, however, pales alongside – well, let me set this one up for you.

The setting: Oslo's largest mosque, the catchily named Central Jamaat-e-Ahl-eSunnat.  The date: Friday, September 14, 2012.  The speaker: Oslo police chief Erik Andersen, who is present to address congregants about the film The Innocence of Muslims, which a great many of their coreligionists around the world have been using as an excuse to engage in violent mayhem.

"O.K., people, listen up," the Oslo police chief growls.  "We're not going to tolerate any of that kind of subhuman behavior here in Norway.  Stay in line, and make sure your friends stay in line, or next thing you know you'll all be on a plane back to whatever hellhole you came here from, where you can be as backward and bloodthirsty as you want."

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