The Associated Press, in a crushing violation of journalistic integrity, has filed suit against law enforcement to disarm the greatest counter-terrorism unit in the world, the New York Police Department (NYPD). It is bent on shutting down a counter-terror program that is entirely legal and legitimate, because it involves surveillance of Islamic supremacists such as the Muslim Brotherhood-linked Muslim Students Association.

Even New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who has never met an Islamic supremacist he didn't bow to, has stood by this program and defended it, but that is not good enough for AP.

Decades ago, we cringed when any news story of corruption and collusion broke about our long-venerated, trusted newsmen. We trusted those powerful subversives like Walter Cronkite, Mike Wallace, etc. These men had enormous power and they abused it; they perpetrated one of the world's great campaigns of anti-American disinformation and propaganda. We remember Walter Cronkite as a grandfather figure, a trusted icon, when in fact he did the country incalculable harm.

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