The Holy Land Foundation case did more than bring down the primary fundraising entity for Hamas in the United States; it also exposed the unwillingness of Muslims in America to make a clean break with their sympathies for Islamic terrorism.

So it is not surprising that Wajahat Ali, one of the authors of Fear Inc, the Center for American Progress's recent report on "Islamophobia," was also a passionate defender of the Holy Land Foundation, denouncing the prosecution of the "once highly-respected HLF" as a pro-Israel policy initiative and a notch on the Bush Administration's "get a terrorist' club".

A portion of the article was devoted to a defense of Sami Al-Arian, the head of Islamic Jihad in the United States. On his blog, Wajahat Ali ran a third-party piece which described Al-Arian as "one of the earliest victims of the 'war on terror'" and listed a site to help donate to his legal campaign.

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