Muzzammil Hassan had another woman in his life, and he wanted his wife to know.

Whether the relationship was intimate is unknown, but he went out of his way to humiliate his wife with the possibility, Aasiya Zubair Hassan's sister said. For months, he forced his wife to listen in on his friendly and flirtatious phone banter with the woman, said Asma Firfirey, Aasiya's sister.

Two days before her death, Aasiya, 37, finally e-mailed that other woman -- an investor in the Bridges TV network the couple founded -- telling her how she suffered while the two of them shared "fun and laughter" at her expense.

That e-mail, which The Buffalo News read, included some snippets of her husband's cruel and demeaning writings to her, along with a picture of her beaten face and destroyed belongings. She ended her note by referring to her recent divorce filing.

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