When the U.S. House of Representative's Peter King Hearings spilled over to the north, they created familiar alerts about fuelling Islamophobia. Although Canada's publicly funded broadcaster the CBC made the congressional hearings a top item on its current affairs program,"As it Happens," it undermined the credibility of the hearings as an unfair attack against the Muslim population by excluding King's critical opening words: "the overwhelming majority of Muslim-Americans are outstanding Americans and make enormous contributions to our country." They were there to reassure the Muslim population that the hearings were not a witch-hunt.

The CBC program also promoted CAIR to its audience, thereby yet again legitimizing CAIR as the collective voice of American Muslims, even though the FBI cut ties with the group out of concerns it had been networking with Hamas. Sister organization CAIR-CAN operates in Canada.

Alejandro Beutel of the Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC) served as the single "expert" guest commentator on the CBC program. Beutel predictably supported the premise that the King hearings were contributing to Islamophobia. On the other side, terror expert Steven Emerson has deemed MPAC an Islamist organization and an offshoot of the Muslim Brotherhood, just as the FBI has determined.

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