Speaking to an audience of approximately 100 comprised largely of local leftist and anti-Israel activists who hung on his every word, Bazian wasted no time conjuring up the specter of Islamophobia. He referred to "the production of Islamophobia," claiming that, "politicians use Islamophobia to win elections." Holding up the grossly inaccurate comparison of the Japanese internment camps during WWII and the House Committee on Un-American Activities hearings during the Cold War, he alleged that Islamophobia is part of the plan "to create a new enemy." Bazian—using racial terminology to describe what is, in fact, a religion—asserted that, "Islamophobia reintroduces the pre-existing racial structure . . . Arabs, Muslims are racialized."

Ratcheting up the hysteria several notches, Bazian later claimed that:

They [the U.S.] want to produce reflexive hatred against Arabs and Muslims so that when they bomb Arabs and Muslims they do not feel that they are . . . destroying legitimate families like us[Americans]. . . . [They] need to create the feeling they [Muslims] do not belong to the human family . . . they are less than human, subhuman.

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