In his piece attacking me for raising questions about Rick Perry's associations, "Smearing Perry on Jihad," Aymenn Jawad al-Tamimi leaves out the most salient parts of my information about Perry, and then attacks me as if they don't exist.

He says that "the Ismailis favor an interpretation of jihad as working on and financing charitable, economic projects to improve the well-being of humanity as a whole," accuses me of "smear-by-association," and points out that "the Ismailis do not advocate violence or advancement of Shari'a in politics anywhere in the world today." He adds that "it is therefore difficult to see how Perry and the Aga Khan are working to advance an Islamization cause via 'taqiyya,'" although I never suggested any such thing.

Jawad ignores what I wrote here: "The Ismailis are peaceful, yes, and the Aga Khan Foundation is an established Islamic charity. But the Aga Khan Fund for Economic Development is also part-owner of the Pakistan-based Bank al-Habib, which Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl's widow Mariane sued in 2007 for damages relating to its funding of al-Qaida and involvement in the murder of her husband by Islamic jihad terrorists. She dropped the suit later that year without explanation, except to note that the Habib Bank had never answered her charges."

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