A vast majority of all Danish slaughter chickens – 99 percent – are butchered using the halal method. It is a clear advantage when most of the Danish slaughter chickens are exported – some of them to countries where a majority of the population consists of Muslims who are only allowed to eat halal meat.

"We need to think in terms of finances. It's all about kroner and øre and where we can sell our products," Henrik Bunkenborg, who is responsible for halal butchering at the Danish Agriculture and Food Council (DAFC), told Søndagsavisen newspaper.

In Denmark, where a majority are either Christian or without religion, halal meat is increasingly common. We just don't know it. While 96 percent of all Danes regularly eat chicken, a full 67 percent are not aware that the chickens are butchered using the halal method, according to a survey conducted by Interresearch for Søndagsavisen.

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