In an astoundingly short time, the Scottish National Party has gone from collaborating with Nazis, to collaborating with Islamists. Its talk of Scottish values has become a farce. SNP candidate Humza Yousaf took his oath of allegiance in the Scottish Parliament in Urdu. Jahangir Hanif became known as the Kalashnikov Councilor over a video of him firing an AK-47 in an armed camp in Pakistan. And the SNP has funneled hundreds of thousands of pounds to the Scottish Islamic Foundation, which has served as a forum for Muslim Brotherhood speakers. The unemployed of West Dunbartonshire face cuts, but there's always money on hand for the Scottish Islamic Foundation.

The SNP's obsessive anti-war rhetoric is not Pro-Scotland, it is Pro-Islamist. Salmond's dirty deal that set the Lockerbie bomber free is more of the same. Salmond defended the release of the murderous terrorist as following the principles of Gandhi, but it is more likely that he was thinking of Gaddafi.  SNP's European parliamentarians remain obsessed with Israel, while giving Hamas a pass. Salmond's Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, a good friend of SNP's first Muslim councilor, Bashir Ahmad, has never missed a chance to blast Israel in support of Muslim terrorists. And at a time when NHS Scotland was facing shortages and cuts, she took the lead in offering free medical aid to Hamas run Gaza.

The Scottish National Party may still wave the saltire, but it might as well replace it with the star and crescent. Muslim immigration has boosted its political fortunes, but the aging Scottish population is being displaced by Pakistani immigrants. As immigration rules funnel more Muslims to Scotland to replace the native population, the Scottish National Party is aligning itself with an Islamist agenda. Mosques are clashing with traditional pubs. Scottish medical workers have been barred from eating at their desks during Ramadan. The Burka is being promoted and Scottish Muslims have been planning to set up an Islamic state in some remote part of Scotland. But they might as well do it in Glasgow.

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