Mitt Romney is said to be the early frontrunner in the GOP presidential sweepstakes. One rival, Newt Gingrich, is perceived as floundering in a swirl of unforced errors and staff insurrection. Yet when it comes to Islam, which will continue to matter mightily in the next administration, the frontrunner could learn a thing or two from the flounderer. The issue is not religion. It is the seditious Islamist political program.

Most Americans, myself included, would prefer not to have to think about Islam at all. Muslims forced their beliefs onto our consciousness by wanton violence and gross violations of human rights. While there are fitful efforts to reform Islam, and thus differing interpretations of its dogmas, mainstream Islam is still founded on sharia, Islam's archaic, immutable legal framework (also known as "Allah's law").

Sharia systematizes discrimination against (and brutal repression of) women, homosexuals, and, above all, non-Muslims ("dhimmis"). It is thus ironic that when the left-leaning legacy media broaches the subject of Islam, as CNN did during the GOP candidates' debate this week, the context is usually claimed discrimination against Muslims. It is a testament to how deeply front groups for the Muslim Brotherhood — an enterprise that marries Islam's Salafist fundamentalism to modern statism, under the populist banner of "social justice" — have seeped into the Democratic party, from which the press gets its talking points. And given how desperately the GOP establishment craves the crumbs of love that fall from the media's table, it should not surprise us that Republicans, too, are cowed by the Brotherhood's agents. That was not a Democratic president hustling over to the nearest mosque after the 9/11 attacks to brand Islam the "religion of peace."

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