Obama administration lawyers stated Thursday that American citizens are legitimate military targets if they're waging war against the United States. This came just a day after it was revealed that the administration had ordered a Shariah-compliant scrub of all counterterrorism materials, so that they wouldn't say anything about Islam or jihad and would leave law enforcement officials completely unequipped to understand the enemy ideology.

Taken together, these two decisions are ominous. If we are not fighting against Islamic terrorists, then who exactly is the enemy? Which Americans will Obama target? And it is Obama's decision: Pentagon lawyer Jeh Johnson said Thursday that it was up to the executive branch to decide whether an American citizen was waging war against the United States and thus had no legal immunity, and needed to be taken out.

If you remove jihad from the equation, and Congress has not declared war, then to whom is Obama referring as being at war with the United States?

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