Editor's note: The Freedom Center placed an ad, Not All Fears Are Phobias, in the UCLA Daily Bruin, which appeared on October 13, 2011. The background to the ad was an "Anti-Islamophobia Resolution" passed unanimously last spring by the UCLA Student Council. The resolution specifically sought to ban criticism of Islamic misogyny, Jew-hatred and terror, and specifically named David Horowitz as guilty of Islamaphobia. The Freedom Center responded with our ad (seen above and here) and caused something of a firestorm.  It was followed by a response, printed in the Bruin, of the campus J Street organization, which joined hands with the Muslim Student Association to attack our ad.

We are trying to place our ad in as many college papers that will accept it. Please contact us if you'd like to submit it to your college paper. Write to: elizabeth@horowitzfreedomcenter.org.


Below is the joint response from J Street U at UCLA and the Muslim Student Association in the Daily Bruin to our ad:

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