Denmark has decided to reinstitute national border control. With the euro losing credibility on the world market and the present Danish attack on the freedom of movement within the European Union, the two legs that the EU is standing on are both on their knees. The EU has put Germany in charge of threatening and bullying Denmark to drop its plans. The media is also doing its part to keep the Danes from protecting themselves from illegal immigrants, multiculturalism, weapons, drugs and organised crime. The International Herald Tribune and the New York Times lie through their teeth when they claim that official statistics do not support the claim that immigrants are a cause of rising crime rates:

"Many of her supporters (Pia Kjærsgaard, leader of Danish Peoples Party who introduced the idea of reinstalling border control) are like Rene Schultz, a 42-year-old furniture mover from Ishoj who is wistful for simpler times and blames immigrants for a rise in crime, though official statistics do not support this claim."

This is ridiculous, and so easy to disprove that it is hardly worth the work to do so. Here is a bit of the overwhelming amount of evidence:

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