A majority of Dutch employment agencies are guilty of discrimination. About three-quarters comply with requrests by employers not to provide Turks, Moroccans or Surinamese for a vacancy. This according to a thesis by sociologists Evelien Loeters and Anne Backer (VU University Amsterdam) on discrimination in the employment agency field.

Loeters and Backer pretended they were the owners of a fictional call-center and called 187 agencies asking if they could provide additional employees for a large task. During the phone conversation they said "I think it's a bit tedious to ask, but I prefer not Moroccans/Turks/Surinamese, even if they speak excellent Dutch I don't want them."

In 76.8% of the cases, the employment agencies honored the request, thereby violating the equal treatment law which bans discrimination. In about 14% of the cases, the employment agencies even said explicitly that discrimination is legally forbidden, but that despite that they'll do as asked.

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