Last Friday around 500 Muslims in New York marched to NYPD headquarters in lower Manhattan to protest police infiltration of mosques and surveillance in Muslim areas.  It is noteworthy that we have never, in 10 years since 9/11, seen Muslims anywhere in the U.S. mount a demonstration of comparable size against Islamic jihad terrorism and the supposed "hijacking" of Islam by terrorists.  Even worse, the protesters failed to explain how they would propose to stop Islamic jihad terrorism in the U.S. without this kind of vigilance.
One protester asserted:  "Had this been happening to any other religious group, all of America would be outraged."  That is probably true, because no other religious group has provided any cause for such surveillance.  If any group did so, then it would be incumbent upon the NYPD and all other law enforcement bodies to do the same things they have done in reaction to Islamic jihad terrorism, while of course ending immediately any surveillance or other procedure that violates constitutional protections.
For these protesters to have behaved as if the surveillance of their mosques and communities was motivated by simple "racism" and "Islamophobia" required them to ignore a particularly significant elephant in the room: the ongoing and increasingly common reality of jihad terror plots in the United States.  And ignore it they did:  "We're peaceful people.  We don't deserve to be under surveillance," said one protester.  Another complained:  "They think that all Muslims are criminals, and it's not right."

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