Wayne County Circuit Court Judge Robert Ziolkowski vacated the "breach of peace" ruling against anti-Islam activists Terry Jones and Wayne Sapp on the grounds that they were denied due process.

In April, Jones and Sapp sought a permit to protest in front of Dearborn's Islamic Center of America on Good Friday. The mosque, located just off of Ford Road, shares a service drive with four Christian churches and a senior apartment building. Dearborn officials denied Jones' permit, saying any protest at that spot and at that time would create a traffic safety hazard.

When Jones vowed to protest in front of the mosque anyway, prosecutors sought and won a hearing to determine if Jones and Sapp were likely to breach the peace. A jury ruled by the preponderance of evidence that they were. The two men were ordered to pay a $1 "peace bond" and stay away from the mosque for a period of three years.

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