Bob Buckhorn is the new Mayor of Tampa Bay, Florida, replacing long time incumbent Pam Iorio. At his swearing-in ceremony, he made sure to include as participants leaders of all faiths. However, one of the invited – a local imam named Al-Inshirah Abdel-Jaleel – is currently involved in a terror-related institution and has exhibited extremism, himself.

On April 1, 2011, Bob Buckhorn was sworn-in and became the city of Tampa's 58th Mayor. The ceremony, which at least one reporter described as "impressive," took place at the Tampa Convention Center.

Religion played a prominent role at the event, as a number of participants included clergy from various faiths as well as a four dozen-plus member gospel choir. What is of concern, though, is that one of these clergymen was radical Muslim Al-Inshirah Abdel-Jaleel.

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