Yesterday I posted here about the Ground Zero Mosque Imam Faisal Abdul Rauf's appearance in Scotland, where he said this:

Rauf points out that "the only truly clashing area is the penal code, and no Muslim has the intention of introducing that to America. The penal code is the area that people in the Western world are worried about – but these are things that aren't even observed today in most of the Muslim world. Apart from the Taliban and a few places like that, where do you see this happening?".

I pointed out in yesterday's post that "if Muslims believe that the Sharia, including its penal code, is Allah's perfect and immutable law, why wouldn't they want to bring it to America and Europe?" And here's a big surprise: Rauf thinks the same way. He completely contradicted his statement above in his 2000 book Islam: A Sacred Law. Jihad Watch reader Kamala points out that in that book, he wrote this on page 58: "And since a Shari'ah is understood as a law with God at its center, it is not possible in principle to limit the Shari'ah to some aspects of human life and leave out others."

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