When Obama listed his favorite shows, All-American Muslim didn't make the cut. On Sunday at 10 o'clock the television set at the White House isn't tuned to TLC, it's tuned to Showtime for Homeland. Obama isn't alone. Homeland has been picking up viewers, while All-American Muslim has been losing them.

Obama's attitude shows the paradoxical attitude of liberals to All-American Muslim. They want to see a show like it exist, but they just don't want to watch it. For week after week, Front Page Magazine has been the only site covering All-American Muslim. The media outlets that kicked into hysterical witch hunt mode last week after Lowe's pulled its ads from the failing, viewer-deprived series never actually bothered to tune in to the show.

The liberal attitude toward All-American Muslim reveals something darker about their exploitation of Muslims. They are only truly interested in them when they can use them as a cudgel or as a badge of tolerance. After a single episode of All-American Muslim their tolerance was affirmed and they were free to go back to watching Homeland, a show that tries to marry the political incorrectness of Islamic terrorism and a politically correct insistence on exploring its ambiguities. It was only when Lowe's was targeted for pulling its ads that they suddenly became interested in the show again; not the actual show, but the idea of the show as a "tolerance test."

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