Enraged over the burning of a Koran in Florida, Muslims have murdered about 20 people in Afghanistan and five in Pakistan—none of whom ever burned a Koran or had any acquaintance with the men who did.

These killers are monstrous.  They have assassinated innocent people for something that they couldn't conceivably have had anything to do with.  And yet instead of calling them monstrous and demanding that Islamic leaders stop inciting and approving of such behavior, Western government and media elites are blaming not the murderers and rioters, but the man behind the Koran-burning, the notorious Christian fundamentalist pastor Terry Jones.

Thus Guardian editor Matt Seaton explained that Jones was to blame because his Koran-burning was "done knowingly involving reckless endangerment, and quite possibly wishing for this kind of bad result."  This assumed that the Muslims who were rioting and killing over the burning of a book half a world away had no control over their reactions, and thus could not be held accountable for them:  For enlightened leftists such as Seaton, it is the West's responsibility to make sure the Islamic world behaves in a civilized manner.  How paternalistic and ethnocentric of those most committed to multiculturalism.

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