Of course, a referendum was held in Switzerland, which led to the ban on minarets. Of course, a law was passed in France banning the wearing of the burqa. Of course also, political parties that reject Islamization of Europe and promote a return to national values experienced significant electoral success. A book written by Thilo Sarrazin, board member of the German Central Bank, « Germany Doing Away with Itself » is a bestseller and shows that German people are anxious.

Nevertheless, I must say what needs to be said. These are only isolated outbursts that will not change the final result, because the result is already here. The long history of civilizations demonstrates strong trends, as well as desperate reactions against them. The trends are highly visible and imply a diagnosis made by multiple authors, Mark Steyn in « America Alone », Bruce Thornton in « Decline and Fall », Walter Laqueur in « The Last Days of Europe », and more. Desperate reactions are no more, no less than what they are.

Europe is dead. And it is important to say it clearly, since many of the elements that killed Europe are today at work in the United States, especially since Obama and his henchmen arrived in the White House.

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