I really did think it was an April Fools joke. The American 2012 Olympics contingent — a group estimated at one thousand people and clearly a terror target — will be lodged at the jihadi-friendly University of East London.

Before putting pen to paper, I decided to check my facts regarding the university and to see if my knee-jerk reaction was a needless form of hysteria, the kind of over-the-top terrorist fear of which Americans are accused by liberal Europeans and Britons. In fact, Britons who express fear about the proliferation of extremist Muslim groups handing out incendiary leaflets on our streets are more often than not branded Islamophobes by the media, by employers, by their local politicians, and even by shop assistants.

So I went into research mode and was able to acquire valuable background information from the excellent Center for Social Cohesion headed by the brave Douglas Murray.

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