"Hamas! Hamas! All Jews into the gas!"

No, these evil words were not shouted at rallies in Gaza or even among knuckle-dragging Neanderthals at neo-Nazi meetings, as one would expect. Instead, this harsh, threatening shout is to be heard on sunny afternoons in Dutch soccer stadiums whenever Feyenoord Rotterdam, where many Muslims live, plays against Amsterdam Ajax.

Before thousands of people, Rotterdam's Muslim supporters do not hesitate to indulge in this crude act of anti-Semitism when they see the Israeli flags the Ajax fans wave to provoke them. Their primitive chant is sometimes accompanied by a malevolent hissing sound, which is supposed to represent the sound of a gas chamber.

Sixty-five years after the Nazi-occupation of the Netherlands was ended, Hitler's crazy dream of a "judenrein" Holland may actually become reality.

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