Cable channel Comedy Central delayed the release of "South Park" episode 201 online Thursday as part of its cautious approach to the episode, which drew veiled threats of violence for its depiction of the Islamic Prophet Mohammed in a bear suit.

Absurdity and insult are the stock in trade of "South Park." But episode 201 was censored heavily after the website RevolutionMuslim.com insinuated that the "South Park" creators might suffer the same fate as Dutch filmmaker Theo Van Gogh, who was assassinated for upsetting an Islamic group in 2004.

To mainstream Muslims, insinuations such as the one on RevolutionMuslim.com merely reinforce the worst stereotypes of Muslims as intolerant and prone to violence. But beyond the inexcusable behavior is an anger and frustration felt by many Muslim-Americans who struggle to reconcile the American freedoms they cherish with the often-callous ignorance of their faith here.

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