"I am not a racist," says Rev. Dennis Campbell of the response to an ad he placed in the St. Cloud Times in March that stated, "Moslems [sic] seek to influence a nation by immigration, reproduction, education, the government, illegal drugs and by supporting the gay agenda." In a report on Minnesota Public Radio today, Campbell says his intention was religious conversion. "I think some people misjudged the article… Jesus is the key to heaven. That's why we're interested in helping them not to follow a religion of any kind: Protestant, Christian or Eastern or whatever. But rather to come to a place where they're willing to acknowledge Jesus Christ as their savior and lord."

The Granite City Baptist Church ad, first covered by the Minnesota Independent in March, claimed that "in 30 years there will be 50 million Moslems in America," and that they'll "destroy the constitution and force the Moslem religion on the society, take freedom of religion away, and they will persecute all other religions."

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