Frontpage Interview's guest today is Karen Lugo, a professor at Chapman College, Chapman University School of Law.

FP: Karen Lugo, welcome to Frontpage Interview.

Tell us about who Molly Norris is and why you are promoting the idea of a Molly Norris Day.

Lugo: Thanks Jamie.

I think that Molly Norris is the first high-value casualty in the campaign to Islamify America. And, we let them take her down without a whimper. Molly is the woman who off-handedly suggested that there be an "Everybody Draw Mohammad Cartoon Day." She was surprised by the reaction as the idea caught on — worldwide. Pages devoted to the campaign popped up on Facebook and the Mohammad depictions multiplied. Evidently, westerners worldwide were quite anxious to rebel against the chill on speech accepted by publishers — and the project took on a life of its own. I posted several articles that chronicled the raging success of the idea, and my Facebook page was shut down for half of the "cartoon day." Seems that the Islamist threats against Facebook were effective.

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