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Her mother was in on the honor/horror killing; her brother and a paternal relative knew about it — if not in advance then immediately afterward. Her brother, Ali, had begun to call his sister "vile" names. Ali also believed that she had "dishonored" the family. Her own mother, Seham, viewed her daughter as "dirty," as someone who was living with a "dirty" woman, a "liar." She even told her daughter that she was no longer her mother — that the "dirty" woman was now her mother.

My main question: Will the Arizona police haul in Seham and Ali as accomplices to this honor/horror killing? European courts have begun to do just this. Will America follow suit or not?

Kudos to Paul Rubin, who has written a long and excellent journalistic account of the Noor Al-Maleki honor/horror killing in a suburb of Phoenix, Arizona. Rubin obtained access to unreleased police records. I also tip my hat to Jeffrey Imm of R.E.A.L., who brought Rubin's article to my attention.

Allow me to draw some important conclusions from Rubin's detailed account.

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