With the number of Muslim students rising in private schools, teachers and experts have produced "Muslims in Catholic School," a guide on good conduct and theoretical tools for teachers. They were prepared by the General Secretariat of Catholic Education (SGEC) and the Department for Relations with Islam of the Conference of Bishops.

Parents have requested waivers for sport and athletic activity citing medical motives in one Catholic school where a group of students in their final year of study refuses to go swimming during Ramadan on the pretext that they are likely to swallow water. As such activities are necessary requirements for the baccalaureate, the matter evokes feelings of malaise for teachers.

Another Catholic school welcomes more than 200 students, 70 percent of whom are Muslim. After a crib was installed in the school lobby during Advent, a Muslim parent demanded its removal, saying "a Muslim cannot hear that Jesus is the Son of God."

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