An Indian Muslim televangelist recently banned from Canada for his inflammatory statements about Jews, gays, and the West, will still headline a massive Islamic conference in Toronto this weekend, addressing upwards of 10,000 attendees via video satellite.

The Journey of Faith Conference — billed as North America's largest Islamic conference, and featuring personalities such as Abdur Raheem Green, who has advocated "fighting jihad" and Sheikh Hussein Yee, who once said Jews are the extremists of the world — will "go on as planned" — despite Dr. Zakir Naik's exclusion from Canada, according to the event website.

"The organizers of the 3rd Annual Journey of Faith conference, regret to announce that Dr. Zakir Naik will be unable to attend this year's conference due to the uncertainty of his admission to Canada," the event homepage says. "The conference will go on as planned and Dr. Zakir Naik will be joining us via live video conferencing along with all the other speakers already scheduled."

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