On May 25 Queen Sonja of Norway visited the Islamic Cultural Centre (ICC) in Oslo. She entered the mosque wearing a shawl, and when she put out her hand to greet a male representative of the mosque he refused to shake it. Was the Queen informed beforehand of the ICC's ideological platform? I strongly doubt that she was, since I consider the Queen a thoughtful and intelligent person.

What is the Islamic Cultural Center (ICC)? ICC is directly linked to the Pakistani religio-political movement known as Jamaat-i-islami; its founder, Abu Ala Maududi, is the foremost Islamist ideologue in Pakistani history, and thus ICC's top ideologue. Along with the extremist Said Qutb, Maududi was the leading ideologue in the last century for the world's Sunni Islamists, and served as an inspiration for terrorist movements such as al-Qaida.

Exactly what Maududi stood for is easy to say, since he wrote a great deal. His book Purdah and the Status of Women in Islam (1939) is considered a masterpiece in the literature of the degradation of the status of women. In it one can read in detail about why a woman's eyes are an "erogenous zone" that can lead to adultery. Perfume too. The same goes for her voice, which is "the devil's agent." Also the sound of her heels.

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