Allah forbid a major big box retailer send holiday wishes to members of one of the world's largest religions. But that's what Best Buy did, including a small message wishing Muslims a "Happy Eid al-Adha" in a circular. And now the Twin Cities-based retailer is facing a boycott by commenters at the rightwing Free Republic forum.

Best Buy, as we reporter earlier, was the target of a rightwing "War on Christmas" campaign in 2006 for not using the word "Christmas" in its holiday marketing, but this year, it's been upgraded on the American Family Association's list from anti-Christmas to merely "marginalizing" the Christian holiday.

Now Wonkette reports that Freepers are incensed that the company would give a holiday shout-out to members of the globe's second-largest religion. Freepers are jamming Best Buy's customer forums expressing their displeasure (although some commenters are thanking the company for the move). One commenter calls it "sickening" and a "really bad marketing decision" (really? There are around 1.5 billion Muslims world-wide).

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