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"Emergent Church" guru and Evangelical Left activist Brian McLaren, a regular columnist for Jim Wallis' Sojourners, is currently engaged in a Ramadan fast in solidarity with Muslim friends.

Maybe that's nice. But would McLaren organize a similar fast on behalf of persecuted Christians and other victims of radical Islam? Or would that be too culturally confrontational for the post-modern evangelical who has shunned his conservative past and prefers creating common ground that creates alliances for the Left?

McLaren has complained that in America, "xenophobia and bigotry [too often are ] passing off for patriotism and piety." His own personal Ramadan journey is apparently a remedy.

"We are not doing so in order to become Muslims: we are deeply committed Christians," McLaren declared on his blog, lest there be any doubt about the intent of his Ramadan fast. "But as Christians, we want to come close to our Muslim neighbors and to share this important part of life with them."

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