Finally, at the midnight hour, some European governments have begun to fight back—not against the Islamification of Europe but against inhumane, even barbaric political practices in the name of religion which violate western standards of universal human rights.

Thus, first France, but now Italy have called for a ban on the burqa. Italy's Northern League proposal "aims at amending a 1975 law, introduced amid concern over domestic terrorism, which bans anyone wearing anything which makes their identification impossible…..The Northern League also has the backing of Berlusconi's People of Freedom party. The League's Roberto Cota said: 'We are not racist and we have nothing against Muslims but the law must be equal for everyone.

When France's President Sarkozy first called for a similar ban, a self-identified branch of al-Qaeda in Northern Africa threatened to attack France over this.

Predictably, Centre left opposition MPs "criticized the Italian proposal and said it was 'unconstitutional because it infringes on religious freedom and justifying it because of law and order is totally out of place.'

Not so fast.

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