Over the weekend, Asma al-Ghul, a Palestinian woman journalist in Gaza was nearly arrested by Hamas policemen for "laughing in public" and for dressing "immodestly" at the beach. The police confiscated her passport. Subsequent death threats have kept her confined to her home. (Hat tip to Jeffrey Imm of Real Courage).

If Hamas has its way, the women of Gaza will soon be wearing burqas or the Iranian version of them. My question: If Asma immigrates to America, will she be free of such policing? Who will best safeguard her personal rights in America?

Some of my best friends are, or certainly were, liberals. As long as they are not still afflicted with Bush Derangement or Let's-All-Pile-On Palin Syndrome, we have certain memories, friends, interests, and values in common.

Well, maybe we don't anymore.

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